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April 28, 2022

"This war perpetrated by Vladimir Putin against Ukraine has united the world in its resolve against corrupt authoritarians and in admiration for the Ukrainian people. The U.S., along with our valued allies, must continue to supply Ukraine with the military equipment they need to repel this attack, and this legislation expedites and expands that process,” - Rep. Joe Wilson

April 27, 2022

“As Putin continues his illegal invasion and occupation of sovereign Ukraine, it is critical that the United States holds Putin and his occupying forces accountable for violations of religious freedom and human rights against Ukrainian religious minorities. This bill also ensures that the United States will never recognize the illegal occupation of Ukraine by the murderous Putin regime." - Rep. Joe Wilson

April 19, 2022

"Americans are losing one of the most inspirational truths we have, which is hope—hope that things can and will get better, hope that education and hard work can equal prosperity, hope that we remain a city on a hill, a shining example of what can be when free people decide to join hands in self-governance."

April 19, 2022

"One of the small silver linings of the pandemic is that more parents are more engaged in education than ever before. Parents have a right to know what their kids are being taught in the classroom," - Sen. Tim Scott

April 13, 2022

Unfortunately, taxpayers may have to wait longer for their tax filings to get processed after filing by Tax Day, as a result of President Biden’s historic IRS backlog of millions of outstanding tax returns.

March 8, 2022

"Evidence tells us that Putin had long-envisioned this unprovoked invasion and its coinciding propaganda campaign. But in his planning, Putin miscalculated one crucial factor: the resolve of the Ukrainian people." - Sen. Tim Scott

March 1, 2022

“We commend the European Union’s recent decision to close its airspace to Russian airlines, fund supplies of weapons to Ukraine, and ban pro-Kremlin media outlets in response to Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked and horrific invasion."

March 1, 2022

"The US, along with our valued allies, must continue to supply Ukraine with the military equipment they need to repel this attack, and this legislation expedites and expands that process,” - Rep. Joe Wilson

February 26, 2022

"Never in the history of the world has a bad guy been so exposed as Putin is right now. Their entire economy in Russia depends on the oil and gas sector. How about this idea? Shut it off. Don't buy Russian oil and gas. Produce more American oil and gas."

February 20, 2022

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., lays out expectations for President Biden's State of the Union address, and discusses rising crime under liberal policy and Donald Trump's influence in politics.

January 16, 2022

"These laws do everything from gutting voter I.D. laws in all the states, to putting severe restrictions on states [from] being able to verify the eligibility and qualifications of voters, and [restrictions against] cleaning up and maintain[ing] the accuracy of their voter lists"

January 13, 2022

“We’ve never seen an administration try to weaponize the federal bureaucracy the way the Biden administration has,” Attorney General Wilson said. “We’re grateful the Supreme Court agrees with us that no president has the authority to mandate vaccines for private employers.”

January 13, 2022

Biden compared Republicans to segregationists in his address Tuesday

December 28, 2021

Biden hopes Congress will pass another $1.75 trillion in spending early next year

December 19, 2021

“Having returned from Ukraine last week, on a bipartisan delegation, we remain deeply concerned by Russia’s confrontational buildup of its military in and around the country. The support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in the U.S. Congress is unwavering."

December 10, 2021

Ex: Includes legislative hull for Biden’s vaccine mandate: Increases OSHA penalties on  businesses that fail to implement the mandate up to $700,000 per violation and includes $2.6 billion in funding for the Department of Labor to increase enforcement of these penalties (page 168).

December 9, 2021

Cities such as Phoenix, Tampa and Boise are seeing huge increases, forcing tenants to decide about their budgets and what matters

November 24, 2021

Board of Regents for Georgia’s public university system said, 'The purpose of history is to instruct'

November 20, 2021

“Washington Democrats have spent months consumed by infighting and backroom dealmaking in pursuit of a partisan tax and spending agenda that bankrupts our economy, benefits the wealthy, and builds the Washington bureaucracy. At the same time, working families have been battling the highest spike in prices in nearly forty years, watching more and more of their wages get eaten up at the grocery store and the gas pump." House Budget Committee Republican Leader Jason Smith (MO-08)

November 18, 2021

"I cannot think of a nominee more poorly suited than you" - Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) presses Saule T. Omarova, nominee to be Comptroller of the Currency, during a Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs hearing.

November 15, 2021

"Tucked away on page 1,647 of the Build Back Better Act, the Democrats' social spending package, is a provision that would repeal the Social Security number requirement to obtain child tax credits. This change would expand child tax credits to parents of illegal immigrants who don't have Social Security numbers."

November 10, 2021

"US may have left Afghanistan, but the war against Islamic terrorism has not left us"

October 30, 2021

"We're back to the days where you have to pass the legislation to know what's in [the bill]," Scott argued during an interview with Fox News' Neil Cavuto Thursday. "That's bad news for every single American, and it feels like the great American shakedown."

October 18, 2021

"He was a great public servant, starting with his time as a soldier during Vietnam. Many Presidents relied on General Powell’s counsel and experience. He was National Security Adviser under President Reagan, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under my father and President Clinton, and Secretary of State during my Administration," - President George W. Bush

October 18, 2021

"This is going on, ladies and gentlemen, under the radar and in the shadows"

October 18, 2021

“There is an almost religious fanaticism within the left to believe that somehow more big government implementing more socialist policies will create a better future.”

October 13, 2021

"In a major policy shift to help illegal immigrants in the U.S. workforce, the Biden administration is ordering the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to end mass worksite enforcement operations that often result in large-scale arrests and deportations of undocumented employees."