Graduated in 2016 from University Of South Carolina Beaufort with a BA in Elementary Education

Graduated in 2012 from Hilton Head Christian Academy


Food and Beverage Manager for Station 300

Former Beaufort County School District Educator


Cornerstone Church Bluffton, members since 2017


  • Implement new teaching strategies within my career and help provide support to use those strategies virtually during the pandemic

  • Helped two successful campaign teams

Organizational Endorsements:

  • Nancy Mace Republican Nominee SC01 & SC House District 99

  • Rachel Wisnefski, School Board District 7

  • Michael Covert, County Council District 7

Community involvement:

  • Vice President of The Greater Bluffton Republican Club

  • Nancy Mace for Congress Campaign team

  • Board Member for Beaufort County Young Professionals

  • Supported the School Referendum November 2019

  • Kevin Phillips Port Royal Town Council Campaign team

  • Multiple Local and Global outreach programs

  • Vice President USCB Education Club



I am going to tell you my personal human-interest story. My mother and stepfather raised me here in the Lowcounty. At a young age, I didn’t have a choice but to quickly grow up. My mother passed away at a very curtail time in my life and I realized I needed to rely heavily on the guidance of my stepfather. He provided positivity and wisdom through his faith to help guide us. I knew I had two choices to make: relive the tragedy and become the victim, or to persevere and use my story to uplift others.  I chose to persevere. I chose not to follow the path of my siblings.  I wanted those around me to see my strength and wonder how I did it. This tragedy was not going to define who I was or hold me down.  This led me down the career path to become a teacher. I knew I would be able to make connections and relationships with my students, who may have lived the same tragedy as myself. Building these relationships within my classroom community allowed all of us to become a family. The first day of every school year, we would share our biggest fear or what is holding us back to become the best we can be. I loved doing this exercise because after we shared, we wrote it down and threw it away. It was so amazing to see the sign of relief leave those student’s faces and to begin to see joy overcome their emotions. You never know what people go through or the choices they make in their life. I can truly advocate for that. No matter your situation, don’t let it define you.





I am the advocate that will bridge the gap between the people, school board and council.  I am passionate for every student, teacher and facility member’s voice to be heard, so future generations will have the best education, resources and support possible.


I believe accountability is needed to help ensure our tax dollars are being monitored, managed and spent properly towards their initial purpose and does not exceed it. This is how transparency is used successfully by not just providing the information needed but using that information to put the Beaufort County residence first.


I believe District 7 can be managed properly by handling and conserving the businesses that are being built, focusing on precise development before moving on to another project. 
My goal is to make sure the preservation of Bluffton is kept and we capitalize on the needs of our economy and community.