September 24, 2021

"This week marks the 19th month that I, like all of you, have been immersed in the politics of Covid-19 – a phrase I intensely dislike but which, unfortunately, aptly describes our mutual experience with this novel virus."

September 21, 2021

"I ran for the State Senate in 2008 in part to lay the foundation for an investment of private capital in these rural areas that would create high-paying jobs -- because I knew that better schools, better healthcare, and a better quality of life for residents would then follow. And the hard work put in by so many over the past few years is now paying huge dividends."

August 30, 2021

"Like you, I have watched in horror as things have unspooled in Afghanistan. In trying to understand why things went so horribly wrong, I have read analyses from individuals hailing philosophically from all points along the political spectrum, and one voice that resonated for me was Bill Maher’s, a guy I often disagree with."

August 9, 2021

"Last year at this time, I was involved in securing a $120 million grant to Beaufort County from the State Infrastructure Bank to pay for costs associated with Hilton Head Island’s 278 Gateway Corridor Project"

June 16, 2021

"And I am pleased to report that, after years of getting the short end of the stick when it came to the spending of your tax dollars, our part of the Lowcountry is now getting the attention it merits."

May 28, 2021

A summary of some prominent bills that were enacted into law during the 2021 legislative session in Columbia.

January 11, 2021

"Gov. Henry McMaster announced today that, starting on Wednesday, January 13, any SC resident aged 70 or older, regardless of health status or preexisting conditions, can begin scheduling appointments to receive COVID-19 vaccine."

January 6, 2021

"I have been communicating with Gov. Henry McMaster’s office this week to obtain clarity on matters pertaining to the administration of the Covid-19 vaccine in SC, and to offer my suggestions and assistance in regard to accelerating the administration process."



Furman University., B.A., 1982, magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, Ulmer Medal

University of Maryland School of Law, J.D., 1985, Order of the Coif, Sobeloff Prize for Outstanding Constitutional Law Scholarship, graduated with highest honors


Has practiced law since 1985 at the firm of Harvey & Battey, P.A., and currently serves as the managing partner in the firm's real estate department. 


Banking and Insurance 

Chairman, Banking and Insurance, Insurance Regulation Subcommittee

Corrections and Penology


Labor, Commerce and Industry

Chairman, Labor, Commerce and Industry, Business Regulations Subcommittee

Legislative Oversight

Medical Affairs 

Chairman, Medical Affairs, Scope of Practice Subcommittee

Endorsements + Honors:

SC Club for Growth, SC Taxpayers Association, Conservation Voters of SC, American Association of Nurse Practitioners, SC Public Health Association, Sierra Club SC

Community Involvement:

St. Peter's Catholic Church, Beaufort County Republican Party, Lowcountry County of Governments*, Beaufort County Planning Board*, Historic Beaufort Foundation*, Beaufort-Jasper Water & Sewer Authority*, SC State Ports Authority*, Greater Beaufort Chamber of Commerce*, South Carolina Bar Association, Governor Mark Sanford Chief of Staff

*Served as Board Member

Legislative Accomplishments (author + primary sponsor)

  • Act 28 of 2011 - mandated state agencies’ disclosure of federal matching funds

  • Act 191 of 2014 - enabled competition in private markets for wind insurance

  • Act 194 of 2014 - legalized social games of chance like poker and bridge

  • Act 221 of 2014 - legalized the consumption of cannabis oil by those with epilepsy

  • Act 22 of 2015 - authorized expungement of one-time, non-violent juvenile crimes

  • Act 186 of 2018 - facilitated the creation of state-chartered credit unions

  • Act 234 of 2018 - expanded nurse practitioners’ scope of practice

  • Act 162 of 2018 - created a cause of action against companies that defraud seniors

  • Act 62 of 2019 - subjected utilities to competition and promoted renewable energy

  • Act 32 of 2019 - expanded physician's assistants' scope of practice





Simply raising taxes to "solve a problem" is bad policy; it is always necessary to do the harder thing -- to spend time figuring out why, despite already ever-increasing levels of spending, we aren't getting outcomes people deserve. Land, labor, and capital-goods factors are all scarce, and society benefits when they are put to their most-productive use. Private individuals, guided by the free market to produce what consumers need, always spend money more productively than politicians and bureaucrats.