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April 7, 2022

Please contact your state senator and tell them to vote YES on H.3444 and H.4919 to protect our elections and YES on H.4608 to Save Women's Sports.

Please contact your state representative and tell them to vote YES on S.935 to expand access to the classroom through school choice.

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February 15, 2022

There are some critically important bills in the South Carolina General Assembly right now–in both the state senate and state house that need your attention.

It's important you contact your legislators to let them know you want to see these conservative bills passed and signed into law!

Election Integrity Bills:

H. 3444– This strong bill would require all county election commissions to operate the same way, ensuring votes in Lancaster County are handled the same way as votes in Beaufort County, and prohibit drop boxes, expand the methods of required post-election audits, prohibit third-party money from going to election commissions, and more. This bill passed the House and we need it to the pass the State Senate. So please tell your Senator to vote to CONCUR with the House version of the bill!

H. 4919– This common sense bill focuses on tightening up our mail-in absentee ballots. It allows for more in person voting, while cutting down on the excuses to vote for mail. And it requires a photo ID number for a mail-in absentee ballot. If you have to prove you are who you say you are when you vote in person, you should when you vote mail-in absentee too. Right now the bill is in subcommittee. We need it to pass out of subcommittee and head to the full committee.

Find your state senator and state representative here.

School Choice Bills:

H. 3976– This bill would create Education Scholarship Accounts, allowing money to follow the student and empowering parents to pursue the best education environment that works for their child.

S. 935– This is the State Senate bill for Education Scholarship Accounts.

What are Education Scholarship Accounts and why are they important?

Palmetto Promise Institute has a good explanation:

With ESAs, a basic principle of fairness and freedom is achieved: state-appropriated education dollars follow the child. With that aspiration fulfilled, every child, but especially the most vulnerable, can finally receive the customized education they need to reach their full potential.

Please contact both your state senator and state representative and tell them to vote YES on Education Savings Accounts.

Find your state senator and state representative here.

Almost to the finish line:

Last year, the House passed H.3105, the S.C. Religious Freedom Act. It deems churches as essential services, meaning they must be allowed to operate during a state of emergency if they so choose.

Luckily, Governor McMaster never issued an order preventing churches from closing during COVID–each church made its own decision–but other states weren't so fortunate. This bill would make sure that doesn't ever happen here in the future.

H.3105 is now in State Senate subcommittee, so call your senator and let them know to vote YES for religious freedom!

Find your state senator and state representative here.

Call your legislators and let them know you want them to vote YES on these bills!

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February 8, 2022

BIG NEWS for election integrity!

Today the South Carolina House of Representatives made some key amendments to Speaker Lucas's bill H.3444 and sent it back to the South Carolina Senate.

Here's the big points:

  • Require all county election commissions fall under the State Election Commission. This is important because it requires all counties execute elections the same way. So voters in Lancaster County know their votes are being handled the same way was votes in Beaufort County.

  • Bans "drop boxes" for ballots

  • Continues to require the State Election Commission to conduct post-election audits and expand the different audit methods (including but not limited to: risk-limiting; hand-counts; third party vendor & ballot reconciliation) for all elections in the state. The conduct and result of ANY audit must be published on the Commission’s website upon completion.

  • Requires that State Election Commission to report to the S.C. Attorney General or other appropriate law enforcement agency, any violation of state election laws.

  • Prohibits any county board of elections from accepting or expending private funds to conduct elections–like Facebook or the ACLU.

  • Requires that a person may only vote in the last place that they registered to vote and that the act of registering or voting in a new location is evidence of intent to change domicile for purposes of voting.

A special thank you to the Beaufort County Republican Party, our delegates and Friends of Liberty!

This is a BIG STEP in continuing the fight to defend the security of our elections.



December 23, 2021

Please see the notice below of the Public Hearing on SC Congressional Re Districting. Please send an email voicing your opinion on How Congressional District lines are drawn.  If you wish to speak, follow the directions below. This is VERY important. Last week there was a Public Hearing and we organized a very loud response to the original SC House map. That map has been changed and Beaufort is now "back in CD#1" as many felt very strongly about. Please let the SC House Ad Hoc Committee know how you feel.

The House Redistricting Ad Hoc Committee will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, December 29 at 10:00 am in Blatt Room 521 in Columbia and virtually (please see below). Links to the Congressional House Staff Plan Alternative 1, Congressional House Staff Plan, Congressional Senate Staff Plan, and public submissions are available on the Redistricting Website at:

If you wish to provide testimony virtually, please email by 5:00 pm Tuesday, December 28, 2021. Additionally, written comments may be emailed to or mailed to:

House Judiciary Committee (512 Blatt)

Attn: Redistricting

P.O. Box 11867

Columbia, SC 29211

The meeting will be recorded and a live stream will be available for viewing at

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October 25, 2021

The latest Trafalgar poll indicates that the gubernatorial contest between Youngkin (R/48.4%) and McAuliffe (D/47.5%) is a dead heat as it enters the home stretch. A Youngkin victory will bode well for the 2022 midterm elections when Republicans must take back Congress. It will also serve as a rebuttal to the radical Democrats’ takeover of local school boards and state power. Between now and November 2nd, we need to do as much as we can to help with Youngkin’s campaign. The RNC/VAGOP are calling on conservatives in South Carolina to help make phone calls in support of Youngkin. If you are interested, please reach out to Mark Bonnoitt, SCGOP Political Director, and he will help you set up on the phone bank system. If you can’t make phone calls, you can always donate to Youngkin’s campaign.