December 24, 2020

As 2020 winds down it is time to reflect and be thankful.  This has been a great year for the Republican Party in Beaufort County, CD #1, and South Carolina.  With everyone's hard work we took our Party to the next level.  We expanded our membership, we raised money to fund an office, a successful campaign and we established the BCRP as the dominant Political Party in the Low Country; period.  It is very hard to speak about accomplishments when we are seeing what is happening to President Trump.  We wish him the best and are behind him 100%.  That said, the election is not over and we still have 2 senate races in Georgia that will determine control of the US Senate.  We have many folks volunteering in Georgia and more are signing up.  There is a link below to volunteer.

We will be reaching out to volunteers in early 2021 to work in the office a few hours one day a week.  We have lots to do in 2021 and we will be even better in 2022.  

Please forward this email to your friends and family. 

Thanks for your help and support in 2020
Kevin Hennelly
Beaufort County Republican Party
149 Riverwalk Blvd, Suite #11
Ridgeland, SC 29936


The Beaufort County Republican Party GOP is actively involved in our Lowcountry community. We serve by supporting local candidates, providing volunteers for state and national campaigns, and keeping the conservative voice heard.

Our goal is simple ... keep conservative, accountable leaders in office. Whether it be at the county, state, or national level, our goal is to keep republicans in office. Our candidates can't win this race without your help. handing out flyers word-of-mouth, and donating are all ways of helping the Beaufort County Republican Party achieve our goals together.


(843) 608-3214

149 Riverwalk Boulevard, Suite 11, Ridgeland, SC 29936



November 4, 2020

On behalf of the Lowcountry Victory GOP Campaign and the Beaufort County Republican Party I want to extend my sincere gratitude to the best group of volunteers in the State of South Carolina!


Party has grown by almost 600 members

80% voter turnout

Win back Congressional District 1 seat

Win US Senate for Lindsey Graham

Win both SC Senate races

Win all {four} SC House races

Win all County Council races


Phone Callers, Door Knockers, Sign Wavers, Flag Parades, Post Card Writers, Rally Organizers, Poll Watchers

and Office Volunteers

We will be holding a Thank You Victory Celebration, more information to follow.

As you can imagine, the final days got very intense. I hope everyone understands we were swamped with phone calls, texts + email.  If we rushed the discussion, we apologize. Special thanks to our SCGOP staff: Austin Mix, Leighton Gray Smith, Alex Mazzeo, Hope Walker, Mark Knoop + Chairman Drew McKissick.

Please reach out with any questions, suggestions or concerns, bcrpscgop@gmail.com.

Kevin Hennelly




September 21, 2020

To Sen. Lindsey Graham, Rep. Nancy Mace

and all of our Republican Candidates – THANK YOU!

Senator Graham regrets not being there in person, but he was there in Spirit.

Senator Tom Davis

Senator Chip Campsen

Representative Jeff Bradley

Representative Shannon Erickson

Representative Bill Herbkersman

Representative Weston Newton

Sheriff PJ Tanner

Treasurer Maria Walls

Solicitor Duffie Stone

Clerk of Court Jerri Roseneau

County Council #7 Logan Cunningham

And the Beaufort County Republican Party

Thank you for attending the Rally and supporting your candidates!


Special guest, Sen. Lindsey Graham was called back to Washington D.C. and could not attend our Rally. He was here in spirit though; Sen. Graham called in and addressed the crowd of over 300 people.

Rep. Nancy Mace and all of our local candidates spoke and really fired up the crowd. Music was provided by Jay Duff and he also helped get everyone in the right mood. He is on stage every Tuesday at Cheap Seats in Riverwalk. Stop by and see him!

Folks started showing up at 1 p.m. and stayed until everything was cleaned up – so appreciated!

Our Volunteers are the BEST. We received so many compliments on our Team. I am not going to mention names because there are far too many.  The "Women for Trump" were GREAT and the Sign Wave was awesome.

Lastly, everyone has asked: “When is your next Rally?” Right now, we are looking at Sunday, October 25 from 3 – 5 p.m., same place (Riverwalk).  We will keep everyone posted. Please share this email with friends and family and help us grow!

Please consider a donation for our office, click here.

Memberships may be renewed online; click here to join or renew with a Credit Card. If you drop by the office you may join and donate with Credit Card or Cash/Check. Click here for Membership Form for New Memberships or Renewals

Any questions, suggestions or concerns please reach out at bcrpscgop@gmail.com

Kevin Hennelly




by Xioadan Lee, September 2020

"Those born in this country may not appreciate the greatness of America and what it stands for. But for those who choose to call America home, there is no better place to pursue individual happiness than this land of the free and the home of the brave."



August 25, 2020


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