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Bill Bledsoe

Dr. Bill Bledsoe currently serves as Soil and Water Conservation Commissioner in Spartanburg County. He represents the people of South Carolina, not any one political party. 


From Dr. Bledsoe:
“We are in a war. This is not a war of bullets and bombs. It is instead a war using biological viruses as weapons. It’s a supply chain war that is cutting off our food supplies. It’s a counterfeiting war, which causes massive inflation. It’s a cyberwar of election hacking. It is a war that is declared on you and your families. China's military created and released a virus that combined a deadly bat virus with the AIDS virus, along with malaria. This virus killed close to one-million Americans. With 20 internet commands, China flipped the elections from Trump to Biden. In doing this, China now has control over our US military and our federal spending.”


World War 3 was declared on our families. The facts are indisputable about enemies killing one-million Americans and owning our federal government through election hacking. It’s now too late for our enemies to turn back and take the attack back.

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Website: www.IsItTime.US

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